Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some answers to questions we receive regularly to help better familiarize you with screen printing, our procedures and policies. If you have a specific question not addressed here, please feel free to message us!

  • How much are shirts?

That would depend on where you source them, since we don't "make shirts".....we print on them! You'll provide the blank tee's and we'll only charge for printing. Did you know that most screen printing shops upcharge in upwards of 100% of what they get the blanks for, and then they charge for printing on top of that? We don't. Never have, never will.. By providing your own blank tee's, you'll also be avoiding a sales tax on the finished product, since we operate a service, not a retail company.

We've found the savings to be great enough for our customers to have more shirts, or ink colors for the budget of their project.

Shirts can come from any source, but we love to recommend for their free next day delivery, and wide selection. Our customers mostly opt to have their online orders shipped direct to our shop in Rochester. Otherwise, shirts may be hand delivered by appointment.

  • Okay wiseguy, if gotta provide the shirts, how much do you charge for printing?

We charge based on the number of colors your design calls for, and the number of prints needed. For print runs of 20-100 pieces, we ask a 20$ per screen setup charge, plus 1$ per each screen use. For example, if your project  called for three colors to be printed on 30 shirts, we would ask a 60$ setup, plus 3$ per garment, totaling 150$.

Feel free to reach out to us any time with the specifics of your job for a custom quote, or what can be done with your current budget.

  • What types of garments can you print, and what type of ink do you use?

Generally speaking, anything 100% or 50/50 cotton poly blend will be suitable for our heat cured inks. Certain textured, ringspun or very light weight garments may produce unwanted results though, so it's best to relay a garments make/model to us before ordering, if you have any questions.

Our inks are a durable rubber type called Plastisol that is cured during production using heat. It is printed wet, then bonded with the garment permanently at a temperature of around 350 degrees. If the tag on your garment specifically says to line dry, it likely isn't suitable for Plastisol ink. Furthermore, we've notice garments with a high polyester content tend to bleed the color of the shirt into the ink. This is called dye migration, and usually gives an undesired result.

We've also found it important to choose a garment color that is well suited for your artwork - If your shirt color can stand in as an artwork ink color, your print will "breathe" in those areas, making the garment more comfortable to wear. Large solid plastisol prints are no fun to wear in the Summer!

  • I need artwork, edits, or inspiration for my project! Can you help?

Unfortunately, no. Our production queue does not allow our small operation to provide anything other than printing from "camera ready" artwork. This helps to keep our turnaround to a minimum and allows us to focus 100% of our attention to what we're best at.
We highly recommend choosing a designer who has worked with screen printers in the past, as they would know the it's and outs of providing artwork to correct specs for screen printing. 

  • How should I send my artwork?

Digital raster files should be high resolution (300dpi+) scaled to approximate print size and should either contain a transparent background, or a background color the same as the garment color you'll be printing on. Any major file type should be acceptable, but occasionally we do receive files we can't open for one reason or another. Jpg, png, pdf, eps, svg and flattened Psd files are among our favorites. Unfortunately, images downloaded online and used to create your design are usually unacceptable due to being low resolution, as well as often copy written and should be avoided.

  • My artwork is hand drawn, can you use that?

We sure can, although, rendering it digitally yourself is strongly recommended as you'll have complete control over coloring since all scanners and monitors display color differently....but in a pinch, we can provide a print ready rendition of your artwork, which is included as art prep in your setup fee's if applicable.

  • Can I provide multiple colored or tie-dyed garments?

Of course! However, every print will be the same across all garments, so it's very important any colors in your design won't clash or disappear on your garment color. In some instances, this problem can be alleviated with a simple on press ink color change for an extra 10$ fee. 

  • How soon will my order be printed once I have submitted shirts and artwork?

Generally, we aim to have your job finished within two weeks, but occasionally we do get extremely busy so it's best to voice your deadline immediately. In most circumstances we'll be happy to expedite your production for a slight upcharge starting at 25% but is to be determined ultimately based on our current availability.

  • Will you keep my screens for future reprints?

If specified, we can hold your screens for up to two weeks after printing, should you need at least 20 more after delivery. Afterwards, screens are reclaimed to be put back into production. However, if reprints are needed after screens are reclaimed, we discount your original setup charge 50%, and refer to your original films to make new screens.

  • Can you print posters, hats, can koozies, corrugated or wood signage, cd's, skateboards, stickers, glassware, covid masks, Iphone cases or my dog?

Nope.. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and canvas tote bags are what we're best at. Let's stick with those.

  • Why can't I reach you guys by phone during the day?

Being that we're a small mom and pop operation who works during the late evenings to beat the heat of a summer day, we're likely snoozing the day away in our dark chilly bedroom......all the while you're panicking about how to get shirts printed for your event in the next 3 days.

Message us on Facebook Messenger, which we favor, as it allows both Ja'Nay and I access to correspondence, and our history with our clients. Alternatively, you may also email us at:

Please include as much information about your project and your finished product vision as possible. How many colors of ink you'll need, number of prints needed, garment color choice, print location......all excellent details needed to give you an accurate quote, or answer your questions.


More importantly, lead time is of greatest value to us! The longer we can schedule your job, the better the final result in most cases. We devote nearly four times the amount of setup and prep work on every job as it takes to actually print them, so sooner the better for all of us, don't be a procrastinator ;)

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

We can accept cash, personal checks made payable to Cheapie Squeegee llc,  Paypal sent as friends/family or BTC. Unfortunately, we do not offer card payments. Payments are due upon delivery with no deposit required to begin production.

  • What if I only need 3 shirts? One for me, one for my bestie Becky, and an extra one in case Becky's BFF decides she wants to go on the cruise with us?

We can print three, no problem! but.....we'd have to charge you for our minimum order of 20. If your design calls for only one color.....good news! Your total from us would only be 40$......but it literally doubles by adding a second color.

You want three six color shirts? 240$ please :) Thats a 120$ setup for the six screens needed, plus 6$ per print.

  • I'm going to need one thousand shirts printed for my upcoming bachelor party. How much?

You're in luck, you lucky guy you! Our price break starts at 100 prints, and results in waived setup fee's, regardless of how many colors your design calls for. Each *print would be 1$ times the number of colors needed.

A job this size would certainly require plenty of lead time though. Give us a break, we're only two people printing a single shirt at a time, long into the night. We can handle it though, if you promise to behave in Las Vegas.

  • I designed my T-shirt using an online mockup utility from another company that screen prints shirts too - can I use that to print with you guys?

Unfortunately, no. The files you can download from these types of sites after designing will contain your image displayed on a generic model, and are usually of too low resolution to use. Furthermore, designs created using these online services are technically subject to copyright violation, if printed elsewhere. Don't get us into trouble, bro.

  • My cousin owns a Yu-do machine, vinyl cutter or Inkjet iron-on printer and makes shirts too. What makes you guys different?

While we can certainly appreciate your cousin's efforts, we would hate to step on his toes by first stating that we use industry standard equipment for manual screen printing....and we know how to use it in a full blown production setting. Our printing facility is small, but it is 100% dedicated to our craft, unlike many "garage printers". We pay extra close attention to the most important details like registration, as well as ink curing temperatures to ensure a vibrant and durable print for the life of your garment, a quality often overlooked with an inexperienced printer.

But most importantly, we absolutely love what we do, and our customers tell us it shows in the quality of our work.

  • My shirt looked great when it was printed, but now it has begun cracking, fading, or looks like it has developed cancer. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of Plastisol ink, and since all washing routines are different it's impossible to gauge how long your print will last after printing. We do use industry standard inks though, and are always on the lookout from our suppliers recommendations - what may be considered a lesser quality ink from some, might also be due to a heavy washing/wearing cycle from others, so it's really hard to guess what may have went wrong with your print. From our experience, large solid print areas of your design will suffer the most from this effect over time. Still, during production, we strive to ensure your print will reach a proper curing temperature and frequently QC check with a manual stretch....if it cracks immediately after printing, the ink has not been cured properly and will likely deteriorate faster. We like to see the ink stretch like a rubberband, then return to its original state.


There are few things you can do to preserve your print from the beginning though. Start by flipping your shirt inside out, hand wash in cold, dry on low to medium heat or line dry. Even still, there is no guarantee your print will last longer than long do the wiper blades on your car last? Forever?

Nothing lasts forever........even cold, November rain.

But don't just take our word for it..Check out what others say:

(side note: believe it or not, we've even had customers who *prefer their prints to look cracked and worn, which is just as impossible to predict. In this instance, we would suggest to create your art file with a distressed pattern overlay, and to expect all prints to look the same.)